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CREATE Training Program in Vision Science & Applications

Summer Boot Camps

Each trainee must attend a one-week Boot Camp in Vision Science & Applications, held annually, which brings together undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral trainees with representatives from our industrial, government and academic collaborators.

The boot camp consists of:

  • Lectures and discussion of key application areas, led by invited experts.
  • Hands-­on laboratory experience, e.g., in visual assessment, eyetracking and fMRI.
  • Professional development training by invited experts, including presentations and activities on: intellectual property, entrepreneurship, writing in the sciences and applied sciences, grantsmanship, and media relations.

The boot camp also provides opportunity for informal discussion between trainees and collaborators, facilitating the planning of internships and transition to employment.

The goal is to provide training in a number of dimensions in a relatively active way. The dimensions we want to explore are those that the trainees may not visit through their regular academic work, but which could be equally important for their career. We have invited a number of distinguished guests from the international science and innovation community to lead specific workshops. Please see the Program Schedule. You can download the slides from the 2014 bootcamp from DropBox here.

Past CREATE Boot Camps

29-31 October, 2014

View the 2014 Schedule for CREATE VSA Boot Camp [PDF]

17-19 July, 2013

View the 2013 Schedule for CREATE VSA Boot Camp [PDF]

18-20 July, 2012

View the 2012 Schedule for CREATE VSA Boot Camp [PDF]

Presentations from the 2012 Boot Camp


"The CREATE Boot-camp was my first exposure as a undergrad student to the entrepreneurial world, and it changed my engineering mind to a business one. The presentation from Mr. Worsfold (OCE) had motivated me to take my ideas and monetize them. Dr. Krizancic (Venquest) and Dr. Kumar (OCE) taught me how to gain valuable market information, how to predict if the idea will be successful and how to commercialize the idea. We used their techniques in our well-received business plan. The boot-camp allowed me to look forward to fill the role of a job creator instead of a job seeker. I co-founded my cloud service company, isocrono, a B2B business for academia. It's a real-time collaborative coding platform aimed to improves development experiences. We made a first sale 6 months before our product launch, and currently employs two students. For a different project that we created at the largest student Hackathon (UofTHacks), we won the most awards out of any teams. The judges are impressed with our pitch, and our business plan. Once again, these are skills I learned from my first exposure at the CREATE boot-camp."
-Yuen Lau, CREATE VSA Undergrad, Summer 2012

Additional comments from anonymous Boot Camp 2012 Participants:

"I found the soft skills very interesting, as they provide useful information that can be used throughout your career."


"I found the information given about how to get funds for a new business interesting. It was also interesting to know there are so many opportunities in the industry… It was a great program. I hope it continues to be presented every year"


"…this whole program is so useful and interesting. So good to be exposed to the breadth of the field… I especially liked hearing industry applications."


"…especially enjoyed seeing the applicable use of vision sciences not related to academia."


"I found the talks on visual clinical and brain imaging methodology and applications useful and interesting, and relevant to my field and personal interest. I also found the principles of effective writing for science and technology of potential help… The talks on vision science in the real world were interesting and exposed me to a whole new aspect that I didn’t know much about before."