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CREATE Training Program in Vision Science & Applications

Dynamic Carbon Mapping in Urban Environments

PI: James Elder

Accurate characterization of the spatial distribution and dynamics of carbon activity is very important for achieving sustainability in our use of energy resources and for the protection of our environment. Two key urban loci of energy use and emissions are buildings and vehicles. This project examines the use of visual and other forms of sensing to track human activity, traffic and heat loss from buildings in order to estimate energy use and emissions in urban environments. This in turn will help stakeholders to channel resources effectively through mobile computing when designing, constructing and managing more energy-efficient buildings and optimizing road networks and public transportation services, in order to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The lack of reliable methods for continuous monitoring of carbon emissions and energy loss from individual buildings is a critical barrier to addressing this problem. Here we propose to develop a 3D GeoWeb service for continuous collection, distribution and visualization of the energy and emission activity of individual buildings. This will include information about energy consumption for heating, cooling and lighting, energy loss information, and information about human occupancy, obtained using both optical and thermal surveillance cameras, and distributed over wireless sensing networks. Data will be visualized at selectable levels of detail through 3D cityscape (indoor and outdoor) models based upon virtual indoor (BIM) and outdoor (GIS) models. This project is a collaboration with Zerofootprint, an Ontario company specializing in effective and affective visualizations of energy consumption to promote urban sustainability.

3DTown System Architecture KW Predict Monitoring Building Occupancy