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CREATE Training Program in Vision Science & Applications

Attentive Sensing for Sports Videography

PI: James Elder

Traditional machine vision systems employ a single sensor with relatively small field of view (FOV). However, emerging applications such as security, urban awareness, coastal surveillance, unmanned aeriel vehicles, traffic monitoring, remote learning, and sports video recording demand a more sophisticated sensing technology that combines large field surveillance with high-resolution video at key locations.

Our laboratory has developed and patented attentive sensing technology (Canadian Patent 2386347, US Patent 7130490) that meets these requirements . The goal of the proposed project is to design, build, evaluate and refine a next-generation commercial prototype of this technology specifically for the sports and entertainment video recording industry.

This commercial prototype is being developed and evaluated in close collaboration with SportRFID, an Ontario company that specializes in automatic sports video recording systems. In refining our system for this particular real-world application we will also position our technology to be more readily adapted to other video markets. - Skiing & Snowboarding