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  • Rob Allison
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    stereoscopic vision, perceptual issues in virtual environments, eye movements

Associate Director

  • Denise Henriques
    Kinesiology & Health Science
    sensory integration and motor control

Faculty Member

  • Scott Adler
    development of vision
  • Jacob Beck
    philosophical theories of consciousness, perception, nonconceptual cognition, and conceptual thought
  • Christopher Bergevin
    Physics & Astronomy
    biophysics of sensory transduction, multi-sensory integration, speech and hearing
  • Michael Brown
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    color processing, computer vision, image processing
  • Marcus Brubaker
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    computer vision; machine learning; Bayesian statistics; computational biology
  • Patrick Cavanagh
    Psychology, Glendon
    visual neuroscience and perception: motion perception, spatial vision, color vision, attentional processes, object recognition and the links between art and brain function
  • Gene Cheung
    Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
    image representation & restoration, 3D imaging, graph signal processing
  • Taylor Cleworth
    vision and postural control, perceived motion, visual-vestibular integration
  • Doug Crawford
    three-dimensional eye and head movements, visuomotor neurophysiology
  • Joseph DeSouza
    frontal cortex, Attention, fMRI, corollary discharge, eye position signals, eye and head movement neurophysiology
  • James Elder
    Psychology & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    visual psychophysics, computer vision, virtual reality
  • Mazyar Fallah
    Kinesiology & Health Science
    visual attention, perception, object representation, cross-modal attention, oculomotor processing, ERP
  • Erez Freud
    object recognition, visuomotor control, neuropsychology, fMRI
  • Laurence Harris
    the perception of space and our motion and orientation within it
  • Richard Hornsey
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    design and applications of integrated cameras, biomimetic vision systems, distributed vision systems, sensor swarms and clouds
  • Michael Jenkin
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    computer vision, robotics and image understanding
  • Peter Kohler
    studying mid-level vision and perceptual organization with brain imaging techniques
  • Matthew Kyan
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    models for learning & pattern recognition; multimedia signal processing; rich-media search, summarization & retrieval; knowledge-assisted visualizatio; immersive environments and mixed reality
  • Kevin Lande
    philosophy of psychology; the structure or code of perceptual representations; perceptual organization; spatial perception
  • Ozzy Mermut
    Physics and Astronomy
    applied biophotonic and multimodal techniques for diagnostics and therpeutics; remotely deployable biomedical sensors and devices
  • Richard Murray
    perceptual psychology, visual psychophysics, perceptual organization, three-dimensional shape perception and system identification methods in psychophysics
  • Hiroshi Ono (Emeritus)
    visual perception of direction and distance, eye movements
  • Josee Rivest
    Psychology, Glendon
    multiple attributes in localization of contours and perceptual learning
  • Shayna Rosenbaum
    medial temporal lobe function, spatial memory and navigation, episodic memory, decision-making, patient-lesion method, fMRI
  • Lauren Sergio
    Kinesiology & Health Sciences
    multi-joint movement coordination; visually guided reaching, parietal cortex, control of voluntary movement
  • Jennifer Steeves
    psychophysics, fMRI, face processing, scene processing, audiovisual integration, prosopagnosia, object agnosia, monocular blindness
  • Dale Stevens
    category-related organization and functional connectivity of ventral occipitotemporal cortex, perceptual abstraction, fMRI, memory
  • Christine Till
    brain injury across the lifespan; pediatric multiple sclerosis; cognitive recovery following traumatic brain injury (TBI) in adults; maternal fetal health; children's environmental health; visual toxicity
  • Niko Troje
    Visual perception, biological motion, face recognition, person perception, cognitive neuroscience, neuroethology, computer vision, virtual/augmented reality
  • John K. Tsotsos
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    computational vision, modelling visual attention
  • Graham Wakefield
    Digital Media, Visual Art & Art History
    interactive generative art, virtual and augmented reality, visualization, simulation and artificial life, metaprogramming and software design for creativity
  • Laurie Wilcox
    stereopsis, depth perception, 3D displays and virtual & augment reality
  • Richard Wildes
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    spatiotemporal analysis of visual information, motion analysis, binocular vision
  • Frances Wilkinson (Emeritus)
    migraine and the visual system, perception of form, faces and visual texture
  • Hugh Wilson (Emeritus)
    cortical form and motion processing
  • Georg Zoidl
    Biology & Psychology
    molecular and cellular neuroscience, visual system, synaptic plasticity, learning and memory, imaging, transgenic animals, electrophysiology, functional genomics, neurological disorders
  • Joel Zylberberg
    Physics and Astronomy
    sensory neuroscience, learning and plasticity, visual prosthetics