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Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Nils Bury
    spatial orientation - action and perception in altered environmental conditions
  • Pio Claudio
    Computer Science & Engineering (Elder)
    computer graphics, visualization
  • Krista Ehinger
    Psychology (Elder)
    scene perception, shape and layout representation, visual search
  • Björn Jörges
    vision, gravity, prediction and gravity-based predictions in vision
  • Shaiyan Keshvari
    CVR (Elder)
    psychophysics, neuro modelling
  • Gerald Kio
    Computer Science & Engineering (Allison)
    perceptual issues in virtual reality, image processing and computer vision
  • Abigail Lee
    CVR (Wilcox)
    depth perception, motion perception
  • Yuke Li
    Computer Science & Engineering(Elder)
    computer vision
  • Azadeh Mozafari
    CVR (Elder)
    machine learning
  • Jonathan Tong
    Psychology (Wilcox)
    stereoscopic depth, slant perception, depth perception in virtual environments
  • Kedarnath Padmakar Vilankar
    CVR (Elder)
    scene perception, depth estimation, and slant estimation from single view images
  • Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko
    Psychology (Joseph DeSouza)
  • Xiaoye Wang
    3D shape perception, event and scene identification